Nestle Splash Flavored Water Re-Brand

I modernized this label by using solid colors, simple graphics, and san-serif fonts. I used the water drop with slanted lines to create the movement of splashing water. Check out the original design here.


MacB Flavored Water Re-Brand

This Scottish drink company attempted to open a market in the US and has failed. I chose to make the design colorful and bright to have it stand out as being flavorful and relevant. I wanted a bottle and design that is so unique someone would put it on their snapchat story. Check out the original design here


Poster Designs

For the Memento poster I used hand-illustration for this poster because the main character is constantly writing down notes to himself and I wanted to allude to that. The colors were chosen from screenshots of the film and reveal the color palette of the film itself. The auto-biography poster is designed to reveal my love for space and utilizes both my photography and design skills.


CU Logo Re-Design

For this design I changed the logo to be UC instead of CU because it is the actual order the letters appear in the college. I incorporated the flat-irons and the color blue because Colorado is known for its mountains and 300 days of blue sky.


Magazine Spread

I designed a magazine spread for NASA with a photo I took and sleek text. The streak across the sky is intentional to create thought around the possibilites of space expoloration and even commercial space flight.