The Comfort of Crying

Crying is such an odd thing. To think that our body has a natural response to emotions is so cool and emphasizes the validity of our emotions. It is very normal to cry; our body is prepared to handle whatever you are feeling. Crying is such a beautiful release of built up feelings. It can be an overflow of joy and passion in an intense moment of awe, or a breakdown of sorrow and pain. Either way, tears allow an outpour followed by a satisfied relief. Post-cry exhaustion is so comforting, like an old sweater knit by your Grandma. The sweater can be beautiful, or horribly ugly, but regardless it gives warmth to the cold. People cry for so many different reasons, but I believe it’s the body’s way to comfort its inhabiting soul, by knitting it a sweater of sorts.


That’s what I set out to photograph. I don’t believe I am done with this concept. Here is the main image and some outtakes, but don’t be surprise to see more of this yarn in the future. Also, thank you to Marissa for encouraging me to shoot, being a wonderful model, and putting up with me.