What is it that makes me happy?

This is a question that I’ve been asking myself so much recently. Going to college has shown me so much of the world and I’m ready to find where I feel comfortable, and explore the places I don’t.


In that frame of mind, my friends and I decided to road trip from Colorado to Portland.

Gas was cheap, we had a few days off school, and friends to stay with. It was a perfect storm for a road trip. Although, driving through a snow storm through Nebraska almost totally destroyed our trip, we made it through. 19 hours in the car, minimal stops, and plenty of good songs to get us through


We arrived in a new place where the air is moist and refreshing, and the people even more so (not so much moist, but refreshing). Davis and Josh were kind enough to let Katie, Tyler and I stay in their apartment, which would become our new home for the next 3 nights. I don’t use the word “home” lightly at all. We knew each other from Instagram, but we had never met in person. This might seem intimidating to some people, but I couldn’t have been more excited. The love and joy we experienced through Davis and Josh was so genuine and made us feel like apart of a family.


The next few days were filled with amazing journeys to downtown Portland, several incredible waterfalls, and the western coastline. We were accompanied by equally-incredible humans who would become great friends. Paul, Josh, Paarsa, Savannah, Cole, and Hanna earned a spot in my heart and long term memory. I will never forget these people or places, which shouldn’t be hard because I am confident that I will be back soon.


Driving across the country to end up at the apartment of people that I have never met before was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Through Instagram and photography, I was able to make connections that I kept for years. I practically grew up with these people online, and getting to meet them was so natural and rewarding. I am so passionate about these people and it drives me to go out and meet all I’ve come to know through the internet


What is it that makes me happy?

Portland, for one.

But also my love for people that God has given me and continues to grow in me.