A little over a year ago I stumbled upon the song “Your Son” by from Indian Lakes on Spotify. It is an extremely passionate acoustic song that caught my complete attention. I then began to listen to more music from this band and it wasn’t long until it was my favorite band of all time. The music reaches a long range of acoustic melodies to loud and honest songs. In almost every state of my life: joyful or melancholy, there is a song that relates to the way I am feeling. My 2015 Spotify year in review further confirmed my attached to this music as From Indians Lakes was my topped streamed Artist of the year and without a doubt will be in 2016 as well. From Indian Lake’s music has also inspired my photography in their lyrics and expressive moods.


This offers some background to how ecstatic I was when I learned that From Indian Lakes would be come to Denver to play an acoustic set. To know that I would soon hear the songs that have played a large part in my life was hard to comprehend, but little did I know it would turn out to be much more than this.


Long story short I was able to go and hang out/interview Joey Vannucchi (From Indian Lakes) and take photos at the show. To talk to the artist I find most inspiration in was literally unreal and I’m so thankful for the experience. He was super cool and was so passionate about his upcoming music it was so fun to be with him. Also when he preformed it was also kinda hard to believe. I own his music on vinyl and to close my eyes at his live show and hear sounds better than any recording I’ve ever heard was something that isn’t always the case at concerts. Each song took me back to different times in the past year so strongly but in an amplified intensity it was, again, super cool.


Also, crazy story, 3 years ago I was introduced to a musician, Soren Bryce, through Gavyn Bailey and it turns out SHE WAS THE ONE OPENING FOR FROM INDIAN LAKES. So after following her music for 3 years online I finally got to see her preform and she was SO incredibly talented and it all basically felt like a dream.


I just want to thank Joey and Soren for making incredible music and taking the time to hang out with me on Thursday, I will never forget the experience and being around you both had a very large impact on me. Thank you.


The interview with Joey will be up soon on


And with this I officially begin a new chapter in my photography: music. Go check out the new tab under Work to see what I’ve been working on!